Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Moving and Waiting.

As many of you know, my family has just moved to a new home. And most of you can relate to the stress of moving. Not only does moving produce stress, but it also can get us out of our routine. I am very routine and schedule oriented person. When I don't have my routine, it generally leads to neglect of certain disciplines, especially the spiritual ones. Not that I haven't been connected with God or spending anytime with Him at all, but it just hasn't been the same. Now that we are "in" the new home and somewhat settled, I was able to spend some quality time pursuing God this morning. I happened to read in a daily devotional the verse, "Wait on the Lord" from Psalm 27:14. I began to meditate on this verse and thought about the meaning of the word "wait." In this context, it obviously means "to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens." We are called to "wait on God." Too often then not, I am not one to "wait" on God. In fact, the opposite is true. I tend to want God to "wait"on me (as in "to wait tables). I tend to approach God and expect Him to be there, ready and waiting for me and ready to serve me. I want Him to give me peace, or make me feel better, or forgive me or whatever. It seems I tend to treat God more like a "waiter" than like the God of the universe. So as I meditated on the word "wait," I determined that I would wait on Him. I am much more of a "doer" than a "be'er" (not beer!). My tendency is to get my time with God over and done with so I can check it off my list and than move on the rest of the list. I had to ask myself, "When was the last time I waited on God?" So I waited. I refused to be satisfied with trite prayer and petty intercession. I wanted to meet God. I think it meant that I had to clear my mind and get past the box that I wanted to place God in and wait until He wanted to make himself known. Did God show up? I think so. Did I have any inspired revelation? No. But the pursuit of God is a lifelong journey. Knowing Him will take all of eternity. And I will never know Him fully. He is God. I am not, and never will be. There will always be more of God for me to know. And I am called to wait. To set aside the worries of the day and wait. I need to seek God, not for the benefits He offers me, but because He is God and the only thing truly worth pursuing. He is life. If only I would wait more often and experience the greater depths and intimacy that He offers. He is there for me, and you. It is up to us.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

How Good Is Good Enough?

How Good is Good Enough is a book by Andy Stanley that was recommended to me today. Apparently, Stanley tackles the issue of whether or not we can "earn" heaven based on our own "goodness" or merit. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to read it and hopefully recommend it. If i like it, I plan to order some in bulk.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

When You Don't Desire God

I'm reading a book called "When You Don't Desire God" by John Piper. The subtitle is "Fighting for Joy," or something like that. I can't recommend the book yet to anyone but a struggling Christian. But, Piper makes a great point in the very beginning. He says, and I paraphrase, "God is most glorified when I am most satisfied in Him." Consequently, I am most satisfied when i find my satisfaction in God. Piper calls this Christian hedonism. But, it is a good kind of hedonism, since we are suppose to desire God. This hedonism is not a new concept to me. I have always been a Christian hedonist, and without guilt. I never feel better/happier than when I am seeking God and connecting with Him and serving Him and others. It just feels good. But, I shouldn't pursue Him for the feeling, I should pursue Him because He is the only thing worth pursuing.

Anyway...back to the quote. That quote above has really got me thinking. Allow me to use the more Christianese word - I am feeling convicted (I rarely ever hear anyone use the word convicted outside of the Christian sense unless they are being convicted of some crime.)

Before I forget - my wife is currently reading the memoirs of Clay Aiken. Funnier. We happen to know Clay, and think he is a great guy and couldn't be happier for him and his success.

Back to the quote, again. I am convicted that I am not finding my satisfaction in God. I am convinced that there has been a time in my life when I was being more satisfied by God, but I think I'm sort of drifting. I am going through the motions of life and faith, and not truly seeking after God and finding satisfaction in Him. I am so glad for this conviction. I've been more satisfied in God over the last several days then I have been in a long time. I can only hope it will continue. If you happen to read this blog and then see me, you have permission to ask me if I am being satisfied by God.

College Fantasy Football

I am a college fantasy football freak. I don't have any interest in the NFL, but do I ever love some college football. And playing fantasy football has made me so much more passionate about college football. I am pretty certain that college football has become an "idol" in my life. I cannot wait until August 31 for the first football games and cannot wait to do the "drafts" for the two fantasy leagues I'm in. What's my point? I don't really have one. I just love college football.


I was moving out of my house pretty much all of last week. Whew. After 4 straight days of lifting and loading, I was at my wits end. I had to warn C-Joe (a nickname my wife doesn't like) that I had had it. The moving kinda pinched my time and obviously, there was no blogging. Besides the fact that in the transition time, we didn't have internet access at home or the temporary home we are in. But, thankfully, Time Warner Cable came to my rescue today and I am back online and wireless.

We closed on our house Friday. That was suppose to take 20 minutes and ended up taking an hour and a half. Fun times.