Friday, October 26, 2007

Reading - Madam Jeanne Guyon

Recently I was reminded of an author that I had read several years ago - Madam Jeanne Guyon. She was an 18th century (I believe) French nun who apparently had a remarkable walk with God. I picked up her book again this week, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ. It's an amazingly practical book on prayer. It is very different from most books you will read on prayer. And I'm not sure what the theology of Madam Guyon truly is, but I recommend this book as a practical tool for pursuing greater depth of relationship with God through prayer. Some of my more theologically astute readers can let me know if I am recommending a heretic. A quick quote from Madam Guyon:

"By waiting on the Lord in this way, you will demonstarte to Him that it is He alone whom you are seeking. You see, you will be demonstrating that it is not the selfish enjoyment which you receive from being in His presence that causes you to love Him. You will be showing that it is not the pleasure which you experience, but your love that motivates you."


At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got that book and though I haven't read it ALL the way through...I have chunks of it that have helped me a lot. Good stuff!


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