Friday, November 30, 2007

Thrills my heart!

Too often I pray for people, ask God to help me in some way, etc., and forget to thank God when I see Him at work in my life and in the life of our church! Furthermore, I really need to write down when I see these small miracles happen! If you know me at all - you know I forget everything - so I really do need to make a record of these things.

Anyway...what thrills my heart. Three things this week. For one, I have been praying for and aksing for others to pray for the father of a friend who had a bladder infection that burst and was poisoning his body. The doctors more or less expected him to die. Well, this morning, Courtney calls me and tells me that this father is now come out of being in a coma and should be taken out of ICU soon, and healing up nicely! Awesome God! Keep praying for this father and his recovery.

#2 - I've been praying for a guy I've never met who is a substance abuser and is one of those who most people would say, "he's never gonna get it. He's too far gone." Long story short, as I've been praying, and others too, he called a friend this morning and asked to pray for him! The tables have been turned! Through AA, he has found a sponsor (who happens to be a Christ-follower) who has helped him to restore his relationship with God and gotten him to the place that he is praying for others now instead of him being the one prayed for. Wow. I know he still has a long way to go, but wow! God can and does change lives and prayer matters!

#3 - Someone else I know, who is a relatively young Christian, and generally uncomfortable with praying outloud in front of others, volunteered to pray at one of our recent Connection groups. I was thrilled. She'll probably kill me if she reads this blog, so please forgive me! Thanks for taking a step of faith and doing something way out of your comfort zone!

Whoever reads this blog - keep praying. Talk to God. Ask Him to help you. Pray to Him on the behalf of others. He's in the life-changing business.


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Thank you for YOUR prayers.


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